Deepshikha Puri

Mobile App Developer (Android & iOS)

Productive Apps for Students

Being a student is difficult, especially with so many distractions all around us."Student life is a golden life," it is stated, but clearly, it is not an easy one. It's unsurprising that many of us struggle to manage our time... Continue Reading →

Take screenshot of scrollview in android programmatically

By using this demo you can take the screenshot of particular layout even if the layout have the scrollview. The screenshot is saved in your directory and you can easily load it from the file path using glide library. In this demo I have also added the run time permissions so this will also work on marshmallow and above versions Download source code from here.

Open Html File From Assets Android

In android only webview sports all the tags of HTML. You we can use only webview for this. Just save your HTML file in your assets folder display it in your webview¬†Download source code from here. Video Demo: AndroidManifest.xml <uses-permission... Continue Reading →

Open pdf file from sdcard in android programmatically

In this demo I have also add the run time permission so you guys don't need to add the permissions. In getfile() method is created to get the list of pdf files save in android phone.¬†Download source code from here.... Continue Reading →

Get location of facebook user using Graph API in android

According to Facebook we are not able to get the location of user without submitting the app for review on Facebook. But for testing purpose the Admin, developer and tester can get there location by using Facebook graph api

Get all videos from gallery in android

In this tutorial you can get all the videos with Uri path and video thumbnail path.

Open pdf in webview android

Show you Pdf from url to Webview in android Application.

Get all images from gallery in android programmatically

Get all the images from your gallery in android programmatically with their folder name

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