Being a student is difficult, especially with so many distractions all around us.”Student life is a golden life,” it is stated, but clearly, it is not an easy one. It’s unsurprising that many of us struggle to manage our time and concentrate on our academics. While time management is crucial for academic success, it also allows you to pursue other interests and care for your physical and emotional health as a student.

During those few years, there’s a lot on your plate – but since we are in the digital era, there are many applications that may help you keep productive and organized more efficiently.

These student productivity apps are separated into three categories: focus, time management, Grammar app and note-taking. They include apps to relieve stress, study platforms to help you keep up with school, and digital curricula to help you be distracted, plus two approaches to breaking the habit of looking at social media.

Stay Focused

Do you ever set out to study only to find yourself scrolling through social media apps a few minutes later? 

App under this Category will help you follow through on your plans or perhaps block off distractions entirely.

  • Forest is an iOS, Android, and Chrome extension 

Available for free on Android and $2.79 on iOS.

This software offers a novel way to assist you in staying focused. When you start a study session  you must plant a tree in your mobile App “forest.” While you study or work, the tree will start growing, but it will die if you pick up your phone and exit the app!The more you focus and concentrate, the more trees you can collect and add to your forest. 

  • Noisli is an iOS, Android App

Noisli is a victory in minimalist design and the best approach to replace distracting noise with background noises that sharpen your attention.Its mild tones may be repeated on an ongoing loop to provide relaxing, environmentally friendly noise. Mix the birds’ chirp with the rain. Mix. Mix. Or the coffee shop’s gentle hum with a flashing, crackling fire.

Time Management

You’ll be in command of your own time, so it’s critical to stay on top of your calendar and tasks. If you’ve never liked carrying around a physical itinerary, give these apps a shot.

  • Google Calendar Web Application, iOS, Android

Google Calendar is a basic, essential, and functional program utilized by most of my colleagues. It allows you to manage all of your classes, events, extracurricular activities, and assignment deadlines from your phone and computer. Due to the straightforward style, you can easily recognise commitments throughout the day, week, and month. Create reminders for upcoming events or to-dos to ensure that nothing slips your memory. Bye-bye missed deadlines and forgotten appointments, and hello to a more disciplined student life!

  • Todoist iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and multiple browser extensions

Todoist is for individuals who want the icing on the cake when it comes to time management. Using its many task-keeping features, this app combines efficiency and simplicity. Create separate to-do lists for each project, add reminders, and assign different priorities to your activities. Todoist’s language recognition will even set a one-time or repeating time for all your task. All ypu have to type in “do cook on Mondays at 9 AM,” it will remind you to “do cook” every Monday at 9 a.m. That is true power.

  • Google Docs iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and multiple browser extensions

Google Docs is included for free with every Google account, and who doesn’t use Gmail? Additionally, you may run Docs offline on your browser using Google Chrome. If you’re in a class without access to the internet, you can still take notes and have them synced with your Google account whenever you reconnect.Google Docs also excels at collaboration, allowing you to share notes with others in a few clicks. You may then collaborate with your peers to edit, discuss, and suggest improvements. It’s ideal for situations in which you need to work on a project but cannot all be in the exact location at the same time.

Grammar Checking App

  • Grammarly is an iOS, Android, and Chrome extension 

Grammarly is the most fantastic tool for checking your grammar and spelling without a doubt. Once you’ve installed the Grammarly browser extension, any text you type will automatically be highlighted for grammatical and spelling problems.Grammarly can ensure that your writing is accurate whether you’re sending an email or using Google Docs. And all of this is entirely free!

Note-Taking App

Sometimes lectures might be daunting, but learning, studying, and reviewing will be a very easy with a decent note-taking app. Handwriting that is difficult to read? I’ve never heard of it.

  • Microsoft OneNote Web App for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows

OneNote is a popular digital notebook that many Waterloo students use. Make separate notebooks for each subject, which can be divided into parts and then into pages. Major features comprise are voice notes, handwritten notes and doodles, and even you can type your lecture notes. OneNote’s versatility, power, and paper-like appearance make it ideal for any learner.

  • Evernote iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and various browser addons

Basic Plan is free

Evernote is yet another powerful note-taking program with many features that will help you get the most out of your academic education. Beside typical digital notebook activities, Evernote allows you to extract text from pictures, to construct to-do lists, scan actual documents and inside your notebook save online annotated articles and PDFs. You can even discover, modify and write notes with Siri or Ok Google on your phone.

And you got it there. You know applications to enhance your habits and increase your productivity. However, installing an app is no wonder. Therefore our best time management strategies will help you increase your abilities in personal time management. No student is flawless, but these programs can help get you back in control!